In spite of the age old parental warnings of "No, you can't have a BB gun, you'll put your eye out!", millions of youngsters worldwide have fallen in love with shooting, hunting and eventually with firearms and even wildlife through activities experienced with their first "real gun" the BB gun, which is one of many types of guns referred to as air guns. For a large percentage of today's shooting sports enthusiasts, challenging our early shooting skills against targets that ranged from old bottles and cans, to any available leaf or cardboard box, set the stage for a lifetime of learning responsible behavior and of shooting enjoyment.

Shooting Sports, in general, encompasses exciting, worthwhile activities for boys, and it is one of the most popular program activities held at Cub Scout camps, providing fun and adventure, yet teaching skills, discipline, self-reliance, and sportsmanship. SHOOTING SPORTS WEBSITE 

About The Programs:

  • The program will include some traditional Cub Scouting favorite activities as well as some newly offered activities.
  • Program areas offered at camp often include fishing, crafts, scout skills, sports,games, and archery.
  • Day Camps that include archery or other shooting sports teach Scouts safety, skills, and responsibility.
  • Scouts are then allowed the opportunity to practice what they have learned.
  • Our shooting sports and waterfront programs are taught by trained instructors and are often the Scout’s favorite program areas.

Activities are age appropriate, and designed to include achievements from each of the Tiger Scout (along with their adult partner), Cub Scout (Wolves & Bears), and Webelos increasing challenges throughout their Scouting adventure.

Cub Scout Day Camps Parks:

  • Indian Mound Reservation, Oconomowoc
  • Menomonee County Park, Menomonee Falls
  • Muskego County Park, Muskego
  • Mukwonago County Park, Mukwonago


Camp Rifle programs are among the most popular activities at summer camps where shooting sports are offered. Rifle shooting offers scouts the opportunity to master safe gun handling and marksmanship skills while learning about the exciting Olympic Sport of target shooting. Scouts learn to handle rifles safely and how to fire them accurately at targets while developing valuable life skills that will benefit them as they grow and mature.

At Camp Long Lake we have available both Kimber Model 82 .22 Caliber Match Grade Target Rifles and Savage Model Mark I-FVT .22 Caliber Rifles. The Kimber 82 is used exclusively for Merit Badge shooting.

Shotgun shooting has always been very popular with campers where it has been offered. Camp Long Lake is no exception, scouts have always enjoyed participating in this exciting past time. We are proud to be able to offer Trap, Skeet, and 5 Stand opportunities. The Shotgun Merit Badge at camp and have both left and right handed Remington 11-87, 20 Gauge shotguns available.


Mike Urbanek, Program Director & Council Advisor to Shooting Sports Committee.

Kevin Key, Council Shooting Sports Committee Chair.

Michael Burnham, High Adventure Shooting Sports Camp Leader.





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