Every Scouting unit must recharter with the Boy Scouts of America annually.  In our council, this process begins October 1st, with the distribution of unit charter renewal envelopes.  The charter renewal is done online in order to simplify and expedite this process.

The charter renewal must be successfully completed and turned in to the Council Service Center, along with all fees, by the December Roundtable


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If you need help with on-line rechartering, please contact your District Executive Click Here

NOTE:  You must use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to complete the on-line Charter Renewal and view the training.  Netscape, Firefox, Safari or  other browsers will not  work correctly.

STEP 1 (Required):

Understanding the process, and collecting key information before starting the charter renewal, will save you time and headaches.  Please complete the following:

  • Print out the Charter Renewal Instruction Sheet.  Refer to it often

  • Complete your unit's Membership Inventory during the Month of October

  • Complete the Training module.

Step 2 (Optional, but very useful)

Additional training for anyone who wants to learn how Internet Rechartering works can take the interactive Internet Rechartering Tutorial, and view the online help, by clicking below.

Step 3 (Required)

Once you have finished the training, and have collected all your  information, you can begin the Charter Renewal by clicking the button below.  Remember, you must complete each step, for each unit your organization sponsors.  For many organizations, this means you must submit a charter for your pack, your troop, and your crew.  As you begin each charter, select "First Time User" and create a password.

If you have new youth or adults join your unit, you must submit those applications directly to the Scout Service Center before they will show up in Internet advancement.


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