2022 Health Agreement - Youth & Adults

Covid-19 Health Agreement - Youth
Covid-19 Health Agreement - Adult


Summer Resident Camp


2022 Health Agreement - Youth & Adults

Covid-19 Health Agreement - Youth
Covid-19 Health Agreement - Adult

May 29, 2020


We are proud to say that summer camp is on for 2020.  We are planning on running our 74th summer season, even in this crazy time we are living in.  We are striving to continue to put the Outing in Scouting.  However, in these uncertain times, this summer will have changes.  We need to adapt our processes and programs to do our best to limit the spread and attempt to keep participants healthy while attending Camp Long Lake and afterwards when everyone goes home to their families.  

On May 20, the Fond Du Lac County Health Department presented our leadership team with the CDC/ACA guidelines for opening camp in 2020.  With the assistance of the Potawatomi Area Council Health and Safety Committee, we presented the following processes to ensure camp can continue as our team and staff have planned.  On May 29, our plan was reviewed and approved.  There will be some adjustments to the program, but we work to limit as much as possible.  

Please review the following pages and share with your leaders, parents and Scouts to ensure they are prepared for camp.  This has been the program you have been waiting 51 weeks forand our staff will continue to work hard to prepare camp for the week your unit attends Camp Long Lake.  We understand that camp may not look exactly like it has in the past, but we are working hard to do what we can to make sure it runs as safely as possible. 

Participants need to be aware that there is a risk of the COVID-19 virus being at camp this summer.  Attending any camp in this time of COVID-19 has inherent risks.  The following plans are the approved procedures our leadership team has put in place to mitigate the risk.  Even with the best procedures,  there is a risk that the virus will be in camp.  This is a risk we understand, and you should too.  If you or your son/daughter attend, you must accept that fact. 

As a result there are many entirely new rules and restrictions for attendees that the Potawatomi Area Council team of professional scouters, volunteers and Health & Safety committee members have put together. If Scouts or Scouters fail to follow or refuse to follow these restrictions they will need to leave camp immediately. The rules will be strictly enforced in an attempt to decrease risks for their fellow scouts.  Please discuss this with your family before making your final decision about attending Camp Long Lake Boy Scout resident camp. 

Major Changes to Camp

The following changes were not taken lightly, but are important to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus as advised by the Fond Du Lac County Health Department.  These should be shared with the families of your unit.  

  • There will be NO VISITORS allowed at camp during the week.  This would mean no family night or visitors for the Order of the Arrow Call-out ceremonies.  When parents/guardians need to come to pick up their Scout they will need to follow the procedures listed below. 
  • Health forms will be adjusted slightly.  Specifics are below. 
  • More available hand washing and hand sanitizing will be expected from everyone in camp, and will be encouraged BEFORE and AFTER leaving all program areas throughout the day.  
  • No badges/PFC should be attended by one single Scout from a unit.  AT LEAST TWO (2) Scouts from each unit need to attend a session together and MUST have a buddy to go to the next activity.  It might be good practice to have full advancement groups attending certain badges/PFC.  
  • We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all participants bring their own mask/face covering that they feel comfortable wearing.  Anyone needing a mask will be given one each day if they need. 
  • Every participant is going to be asked to wear a mask throughout the week in certain areas/times when social distancing is unable to be maintained.  See below on those expectations.  
  • We also suggest everyone bring their own water bottle, camp chair, and if they want their own hand sanitizer.  We will  provide hand sanitizer or hand washing stations around camp. 
  • Temperatures will be asked to be taken daily, and immediately upon arrival by all.  
  • No patrol cooking will be done in camp.  All meals will be served at the dining hall or Boes reception center, depending on your unit’s campsite.  The only meals made outside of the dining hall kitchen will be in Cooking Merit Badge and Project First Class on Wednesday. Cooking merit badge will be limited in size to 15 participants per session. 
  • Facilities and program areas will be cleaned more frequently.  We plan to clean all facilities three (3) times a day, and program areas will be sanitized between each session. 
  • There will be no Outpost or out-of-camp program.  This would be all Outpost events, Golf merit badge, and off-site ATV trips.  If any activity is done outside of camp it would be done as a group leaving camp. 
  • No Gaga Pit or Human Fusball can be played.
  • All campfires and flag ceremonies will be done in the campsites.
  • Noonwatch will need to be done by unit.  The camp will share a daily program units can choose to do. 
  • Enrichment programs will be adjusted to ensure we do our best to provide sanitation and social distancing.
  • Evening programs will look different, but we will strive to do our best to make them fun and entertaining.
  • Trading Post will be limited to a set number of people in the store at once, and how certain items will be handled.  New safety barriers will be installed to ensure the safety of our staff. 
  • No communal items can be used in camp.  This means NO WATER JUGS.  People need to use their own water bottle.  

Arrival Procedure: Units

Prior to Arrival

  • Two weeks from camp, participants and their families should  self-check using the CDC Self Checker. We encourage you to use this tracker daily, along with tracking your temperature to make sure you are staying healthy. 
  • A week before camp, the unit should send out the pre-screening and agreement form (Youth and Adult) that all participants will need to complete and bring to camp at check-in.  These forms should be collected and given to the Scoutmaster who will present the completed forms to the Unit Staff Adviser at check-in. 
  • Scouts and leaders should prepare to bring; their own mask, camp chair, water bottle, and if they choose their hand sanitizer.
  • Before units leave their ‘meeting place’ to come to camp those same questions should be asked of each person, including drivers (even if they are not staying). We recommend that units make their trip to camp directly and avoid stops, if possible. Doing so will prevent additional contamination between their unit meeting and arrival at camp. 
  • If at any time a participant, or driver, can’t answer all the questions properly they are NOT allowed to attend camp and MUST stay home. 

Upon Arrival

  • Units will be given an arrival time (window) to ensure limited interaction with other groups of families or units.  Starting at 12:30 pm, two units will be asked to arrive each 30 minutes.  It is imperative that the unit arrives in that arrival window.  
  • Units will be met by our Unit Staff Advisers (USAs) where they will be informed where to park. Once they have pulled to an area in the parking lot, ALL members in the vehicles will have their temperature taken with touchless-temporal thermometers. If anyone in the car shows signs of a fever (>100.4o youth and >100.0o for adults who are 21 years of age or older), they will be sent home and not allowed into camp. Once people have been checked and are okay to stay, they will be given a wrist band so we know who is safe to be in camp. 
  • The unit leader will then present all the pre-screening forms to the USA, who will document the temperatures of each person in the parking lot and add to the camp roster. Everyone will then be given a mask and together will go to their campsite while the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader check in at the office. Units will be given one (1) car pass to drive gear to their campsite.  Only a leader who is staying for the week may be a driver.
  • All drivers dropping off participants will have to leave immediately.  The Scoutmaster (SM) and the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) will then be asked to go to the Boes Reception Center with all medical forms, pre-screening forms, and roster.  The SM and SPL need to make sure they have their masks on as well.  


Tents will be spread out along the perimeter of the site. Participants of tents will need to follow youth protection and encourage no youth to be in tents more than two (2) years of age difference. Tents should consist of NO MORE THAN two (2) per tent with a feet-to-head-head-to-feet layout. During the day, tents should be left open to allow for ventilation and sunlight into the sleeping area (sanitize). 

Image: How sleeping in tents should be laid out.

Unit Protection 

As much as possible, unit members need to maintain a six (6) feel of physical distance between other participants from other units. Units MUST ensure that no Scout is registered for a badge/PFC program alone. This means the buddy system needs to be strictly enforced in each unit. This will make sure that Scouts will have a buddy to work within merit badge/PFC to limit the interaction with other groups.   

Check-out/Check-in Procedure

Arriving/Leaving Camp

It is understood that some people need to leave camp for meetings, family events, etc.  When people need to leave camp, they need to make sure they follow the proper procedure. No visitors are allowed in camp beyond the parking lot.  All parents/guardians picking up Scouts for checking-in and checking-out must call the office and our office staff and, if needed, Scoutmasters and Scouts will come to the lot. Our designated location for visitors to park will be at the north end of the parking lot with a sign designating where to park and who to call when they arrive. 

Youth Departing Camp

Prior to leaving camp a Scout Early Release Form should be filled out. It would be preferred that this form would be submitted when a unit arrives at camp on Sunday.  Scout will need three (3) signatures to leave camp; Parent/Guardian, Scoutmaster, and Office Staff Member. Scoutmasters can sign the Scout out in the office and the staffer will take care of the rest of the signatures in the parking lot with the parent/guardian. 

The parent/guardian will need to call the office, or the Camp Director’s contact when arriving in the parking lot and wait for office staff, if needed SM or Scout, to come to the waiting vehicle. Parents/guardians must be wearing a mask when interacting with others. If the Scout is leaving for the rest of the week, all personal items need to be walked down to the parking lot as no visitors will be allowed past the parking lot/office. 

Youth Returning/Arriving at Camp

If a Scout is to come back to camp during the week they will need to call when in the parking lot.  The Scoutmaster, and one another adult or two Scouts, will need to meet their arriving scout in the office from their arrival in the parking lot.  Office staff will go to the car to meet the parent/guardian, and Scout, to check temperature and collect the pre-screening and agreement form (Youth and Adult). If the Scout and the parent/guardian meet the requirements the Scout will be allowed to meet the SM at the office and the Scout will be signed in to the book at the car. 

Adult Departing Camp

If an adult needs to leave camp, they will need to fill out the check-out book with one of the office staff.  The unit needs to ensure they are still following youth protection, two-deep leadership in the campsite. 

Adult Returning/Arriving at Camp

If a leader is to return/arrive at camp during the week, they will need to call the office when they arrive in the parking lot.  For the protection of our staff, they will need to make sure they have their mask on when arriving in the parking lot.  When an adult returns/arrives they will need to have their temperature taken and another pre-screening and agreement form (Youth and Adult) will need to be completed.  If the leader meets the expectations, they will be allowed to join/come back to camp.  If any fever is detected the leader will need to leave and the unit will be informed. 

Masks (Face Covering)

When and Where

A Scout is Courteous.  Wearing a mask at camp is a procedure we are using to help protect not only ourselves, but our fellow Scouters that join us at camp. Here are a few procedural items relating to masks to prepare our participants for camp:

  • We will be providing new masks to each person daily if needed.  
  • You are encouraged to bring our own mask, or buy a face covering in the trading post.  Click here for a link to the CDCs website on face covering, and how to make your own if you would like. 
  • We will have signs around camp where masks will be required to be worn.  You will be expected to wear them in buildings, close proximity activities, and when traveling in groups outside of your campsite.  
  • Masks, or face coverings, must cover your nose and mouth.  
  • If you do not follow our guidelines on mask wearing in camp, you will be asked to leave camp.  Remember, this is for the safety of everyone around you as much as it is for yourself. 
  • If you see the following, you MUST be wearing a mask. 

Dining Hall/Meal Procedure


  • All three meals will be split up into two times (A Blocks or B Blocks).
  • Two locations for each meal block will be provided for units to receive their food.  For the north side of camp (Trail View north to the hill) will receive their food at the dining hall. For the south side of camp (Squirrel’s nest to the south of camp) will receive their food at the Boes Reception Center. 
  • All tables and chairs will be sanitized BEFORE and AFTER all meals by staff. No waiters will be needed for any meals.  
  • All meals will be served with disposable plates and utensils to limit contact with persons after meals. Those taking the garbage out need to wear gloves, masks, and an apron. 
  • All participants, and staff,  must wear a mask when going through lines, and whenever closer than six (6) feet from others. Hands must be washed, or use of hand sanitizer, BEFORE and AFTER each meal.  
  • All staff serving will be wearing gloves, masks, and hair restraints. Participants will be let into the serving area(s) to receive their food from the staff, while staff is practicing social distancing.  The food will already be plated for quick pickup.  All disposable utensils will be given to participants. Milk and juice will be in to-go containers. Water will be provided for people to fill their own cups/water bottles. 

Cleaning Facilities

Times and Locations

  • All facilities will be cleaned three (3) times a day by staff.  Times will be: after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner.
  • If an area of camp is NOT IN USE those facilities will be closed down for the week to reduce the cause of contamination. 
  • Units will not be allowed to use cleaning of facilities as camp service projects. 
  • Service times will still be the same as all facilities for showers and bathrooms are single-use areas or gender separated already. 

Program Areas


  • Each program area needs to sanitize all surfaces BEFORE and AFTER each group is in their area. 
  • All equipment that is handled by participants needs to be sanitized between each use as well.  All sanitization will be done with approved chemicals.
  • Staff and participants should be washing their hands/applying hand sanitizer BEFORE and AFTER each session and before leaving for meals.  
  • At all times do your best to separate yourself and participants by six (6) feet.  If space will be too tight everyone MUST wear a mask.  
  • We expect wherever possible that program is done outside.  When participants leave an area they will need to wash/sanitize their hands before leaving the area.  Each area will have provided a washing station or hand sanitizer. 
  • ‘Stop the Spread’ and ‘Handwashing’ posters will be found around camp. 
  • No badges/PFC should be attended by one single Scout from a unit.  AT LEAST TWO (2) Scouts from each unit need to attend a session together and MUST have a buddy to go to the next activity.  It might be good practice to have full advancement groups attending certain badges/PFC.  

Trading Post


  • There will be a plastic safety screen with a slot for money to be laid and the Trading Post Manager will pick up money and the outside serving window. Credit card purchases will follow the same procedure. Sanitizing the card scanner will be done continuously.
  • Pre-packaged food will be available to participants. The handles and public surfaces will be sanitized every hour. All candy, popcorn, and other behind the counter items will be placed in the service window once purchased. 
  • Slushies- no refills in previous containers will be allowed. They may purchase a slushy in a disposable cup and participants may pour it into their own slushy mug if desired. 
  • No open food will be made by participants and only handled by approved staff following the above procedures.
  • Social distancing will be followed by allowing only four (4) participants in the Trading Post at a time. They will need to follow X’s on the floor for appropriate spacing when purchasing items.
  • Masks MUST be worn by everyone who comes into the store. 
  • All food and slushies will be served through the window.  Patrons must grab the food ONLY after the staffer moves away from the window. 

Health Form

Each participant is expected to complete the Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR). All participants attending for less than 72 hours MUST complete Parts A, B, and include a copy of their insurance card.  Those who are participating for 72 hours or longer need to complete Parts A, B, C, and a copy of their insurance card.  Medical forms need to be completed annually. . 

Approved Modification  

If a participant is unable to get an annual physical from their physician there are some alternatives that will be accepted.  There will be a one-time exception in effect for portions of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

  • PART C of the AHMR will be acceptable if the part c was completed On/After February 1, 2019, and will be accepted UNTIL August 31, 2020
  • If the extension is going to be used, then Part A, B, and the insurance card should be updated within a few weeks of camp.  
  • This exception is only accepted for summer camp, not unit activities. 

At Risk Group 

Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

If you are in this group, please ensure you have approval from your healthcare provider prior to attending camp. We also encourage anyone whose medical condition or history has changed significantly since their last physical exam to get approval from their health care provider prior to attending camp.

Illness (Quarantine) Plan

Health Assistance

If anyone at camp feels they need medical assistance they will be brought to the Health Lodge to meet with our Health Officer.  All visits MUST follow the BSA’s Youth Protection Guidelines.  Everyone who enters the Health Lodge MUST wear a mask.  Our Health Officer will be wearing a mask (N95), gloves, goggles/shield, and shield.


If any participants/staff are showing a fever and one of the following, they will be quarantined to our COVID quarantine area:

  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Loss of Taste/Smell

If after being evaluated by the Health Officer and the participant shows any of these symptoms they will be quarantined, sent home, and parents/guardians will be asked to attain a COVID test. 

Daily Temperature Checks

Each morning units are expected to check everyone's temperature using the thermometer provided in the medication box.  If a participant's temp is recorded at >99.5o the result must be recorded in the unit medication booklet.  Have the participant be checked by the Health Officer within 8 hours from initial check.  


  • Participants/staff showing these symptoms will be taken to the quarantine tent. Our camp physician will be called to inform the situation by the Health Officer.  The Camp Director will then call the Council Scout Executive to inform of the possible COVID-19 case. 
  • The participant/staff will be left at the tent with supervision staying outside of the tent.  Parent/Guardian, or approved person, will be asked to pick up the person immediately.  Participants/staff will be kept in the quarantine area until someone can pick them up. 
  • The participant/staff will be asked to go to a medical facility and be tested for COVID-19. Camp would request a response from the test to know if it is positive.  


Unit leaders will be informed if someone is requested to leave due to a suspected COVID-19 illness, but no names will be provided but information on where the person was located during their time will be shared.  If a test result has been provided to the Camp the results will be shared.   

Those who were in close contact with the infected person should self-monitor.  Camp staff will take the temperature of each participant. 

The area’s where the person has been in camp will be closed for 24 hours to let the virus diminish.  After the 24 hours are up, camp staff will clean the area thoroughly.  

In Closing

We know this is a lot of adjustment, and it will take some serious educating to make sure everyone is being safe for their fellow Scouters well being.  We trust that the leadership of each unit helps safeguard these guidelines throughout the week.  If we notice people are not willing to follow the rules being asked of them that they will be asked to leave camp.  

Please contact us at for any questions.  We will work with you to look for openings later in the summer, or transfer registrations to 2021 (the 75th anniversary of Camp Long Lake).  

We look forward to seeing you this summer.  We can’t wait for you to BE THERE!

Yours in Scouting,

Mike Urbanek | Potawatomi Area Council Program Director | 

Brad Singer | Camp Director | 


May 12,  2020 – 12:30 PM

With spring weather arriving and all of us continuing to shelter at home, we know your thoughts are turning to summer plans.  Like everyone in Wisconsin, the Potawatomi area Council does not know what the impact of COVID-19 will have on activities and outdoor adventures this summer.  However, we want to update you on our preparations for the camping season.  Our goal is to hold summer programs at Camp Long Lake as soon as the Fond Du Lac County Health Department provides guidelines to what all business are required to follow, so that we can provide a safe and fun camp this summer. 

As a parent with two sons in the Scouting program, I fully understand you may be hesitant to register your sons and daughters for camp. The Potawatomi Area Council program and risk management committees are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are taking into account the recommendations from the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, Boy Scouts of America’s National Program Team, American Camping Association, Wisconsin state government, and local health departments. Our path forward will be a measured and metered response. As we all learn more, we will adapt our safety measures to align with public health recommendations.

Most importantly the safety of our Scouts, leaders, staff and volunteers is our top priority as we reopen camp.   I want to make you aware of some of the steps we are taking to prepare for camp and answer other frequently asked questions.


  • We are currently planning on holding summer camp at Camp Long Lake this summer.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is drafting guidance for youth camps to follow this summer.  We are following the CDC’s advice that camps not announce major decisions until their nationwide guidance is released.  The Potawatomi Area Council program and risk management teams are assisting our camp leadership team as we plan for the summer camp season.

The safety of our Scouts is our primary concern.  Just like your troop, we strongly desire that every Scout has an amazing, safe experience at summer camp and respect that families and leaders have been planning for this over the past year, decisions will be based on the established guidelines.


  • The latest information for activities at Camp Long Lake are available at and  In addition, our team will email the troop’s camp coordinator if substantial changes are made.


  • In order to address several challenges presented by COVID-19 there will be a one-time exception in effect for portions of the Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) until August 31, 2020, to facilitate long-term camping.
    • Extends validity of Part C of the AHMR for 6 months if completed on or after February 1, 2019
    • Allows for use of alternate exams to assist new campers
      • New Scouts should utilize local clinics at Walgreens, CVS or Target if they can not get in to their primary physician
    • This does not apply to unit activities greater than 72 hours


  • Yes.  The Potawatomi Area Council will provide a full refund if we are unable to hold summer camp due to restrictions of the local health department.


  • The Potawatomi Area Council is committed to providing a great camp experience to all Scouts that attend this summer.  Our staff is contracted for the summer, trainings have taken place virtually, program materials have been ordered and most importantly… patches are on their way! 

With that said, families that choose not to attend are encouraged to complete the Refund Request form posted on the bottom of the Camp Long Lake website.


  • Updated pre-event screening & prevention guidelines:
    • Families will be asked to use pre-screening guidelines to monitor their Scout’s health 7 days and 24 hours before arriving at camp
    • Troop leaders will be asked to check Scout’s temperatures before leaving for camp
    • Camp staff will take the temperature of campers when they arrive at camp
      • Those that have not passed screening will be sent home or isolated


  • Camp-wide Improvements:
    • Additional hand washing stations in high traffic areas (Boes office, dining hall & shooting sports)
    • Investment in cleaning equipment, disinfecting materials and preventative health tools
    • Sanitizer Bottles will be available in all program/public areas around camp to be used at the beginning of each program
    • Enhanced cleaning protocol of bathrooms and high traffic areas
    • Additional training and safety procedures for kitchen staff


  • Program Changes:
    • Family members and guests will be limited
    • Everyone that enters the property will be subject to a screening
    • Family night program will be eliminated to limit the number of outside individuals at camp at a time
    • Increased training of staff and participants on social distancing/hand washing


  • We know there are currently lots of unknowns both in Scouting and in our communities.  We are developing robust contingency plans to cover a myriad of possible situations.  In all of them, the safety of our Scouts, leaders, staff and volunteers is vital.  We strongly believe that the world NEEDS Scouting, now more than ever!  We will continue to develop plans and options do our scouts can continue to have a transformable experience regardless of any temporary obstacles.

Regardless of what the update is, we will provide an additional update no later than Friday, May 29, as it relates to additional safety measures being taken.

April 15, 2020 - 8:30 AM

The Camp Long Lake Leadership Team wants to assure everyone that we are actively monitoring developments closely and we are 100% committed to the safety of you, your Scouts and our staff.


Currently, it is too early to speculate what might happen in 60-90 days from now with the health and safety of our participants, volunteers and staff being our utmost concern.  Our team is communicating and waiting on guidance from our local health department on what guidelines will be in place for Fond Du Lac county after the “Safer at Home” order has been lifted.

Our team is actively preparing, as if camp will be unaffected, in order to plan and prepare the best program for your troop.  We encourage you to prepare and plan for camp as normal, if for no other reason than to have some normalcy during a trying and confusing time. We encourage Scouts to use this time at home to work on their prerequisites as well as other merit badges and continue to live the Scouting experience.


In the event that camp should change and possibly be closed in part or whole, we will be informing your troop’s coordinator promptly.

  • If we are closed for some weeks and opened during others, we will work with each unit to reschedule their 2020 camping experience to a week which camp is open
  • If it is determined that we are not able to provide Scouts BSA Resident Camp this summer, your troop will have the option to transfer those fees to the 2021 camping season or request a refund


We know that without meetings and the uncertainty of this situation, collecting and submitting payment can be difficult.  

  • Our team has also decided to extend the “Early Bird” pricing to Scouts paid-in-full by 5/3/20
  • Payments can still be made during this time, as we have staff stopping in daily:
    • MAIL TO: PAC BSA, 804 Bluemound Road, Waukesha, WI 53188
    • DROP OFF: Overnight DROPBOX (metal mailbox) attached to the building next to the FRONT doors (Scout Shop side under awning)
    • CREDIT CARD: Email for the payment link









Full payment before 5/3/20

Full Payment after 5/3/20 but before 6/1/20

Full Payment after 6/1/20























Before 6/1/20

After 6/1/20


NEW Scout Crossover






We are evaluating all options while being mindful of those who have valid exams as well as those new members and adults who may have never completed a Part C exam, state and local authority requirements, and the special review required by resident camp programs. In the interim, we recommend that troop coordinators and families begin a conversation on local availability of wellness exams and alternatives that could be put in place (Minute Clinics, CVS, Walgreens, etc).


To stay updated with Potawatomi Area Councils COVID-19 updates, visit this website: or  


See you at camp this summer!

CLL Leadership Team



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